Thursday, 23 July 2009

Apollonia Arsuf Day 3

Day 3 started off alot better and I began by giving a site briefing to all the new attendees working in my area and defined a few guidelines. I split up the quadrant teams based on their strengths which improved the overall efficiency and broke down the language barriers.

The archaeology began to be quite complex and several features and walls apparent. The first, and most impressive being a large plaster wall found in two areas of my square that are slanted at a 75 degree angle and may actually connect. The second, a large plaster wall which seems to be part of a larger structure and thirdly a small tortoise who stumbled into our trench. (Named Goldstar)

The plaster walls are found in a higher locus than the crusader walls and may have used the crusader tower as foundations for a later construction. My plan is to remove part of the bulk the following day and see whether the large slanted walls are all part of a singular building.

There is also a charred layer of burning that I plan to seive to ascertain whether there are any crusader remains left over from a destruction layer.

Later in the evening, Dr Oren took me and a colleague out for dinner to discuss certain projects and and future collaboration for WKAT attendees at Apollonia Arsuf. We finished the evening at an exclusive club called Oxford near Herzlia dancing and drinking the night away to the strongest vodka i've ever tasted!!

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  1. Exciting stuff! cant wait to hear more!!