Thursday, 30 July 2009

Apollonia Arsuf Day 9

We just finished our second from last day and the realisation that we are running out of time is beginning to become apparent. I've enlarged our excavation area again to reveal the inner section of the turret walls so that the surveyors have a proper allignment to follow when making a site drawing. The remaining open quadrants havn't revealed anything of major importance, apart from two tiers of a wall (Possibly Roman) that the Byzantine wall is built ontop of. We also discovered a small worked piece of bone that might have been a hairpin and is decorated at one end. 

Due to a section of one trench collapsing, I've decided to re-open the north west quadrant as part of the byzantine wall was revealed along with some interesting pottery that is out of context. After that, it's a day of cleaning and tidying the area and sectioning.



  1. That looks so amazing! Is there any more digs planned for Apollonia in the future?

  2. Puts digs in the UK to shame lol, most i ever find is the ocassional pottery shard if i'm lucky :(